Rack Cards


What are Rack Cards / Flyers?

Rack cards are single cards or flyers that fit into a standard envelope. They are generally used for displaying in especially designed stands on shop counters, motel or information centre walls etc.

What makes Rack Cards or Flyers effective?

Rack Cards are proven to be one of the most effective yet low cost marketing tools. Promote your business to tourists, travellers or even local customers

  • Glossy and uncoated paper stock selections
  • DL size or A4 folded to DLE
  • Add a perforation to include a discount coupon or business card

Here’s how you might use Rack Cards or Flyers…

If you are looking to catch a passer-by’s interest, or perhaps the attention of a new client, you can easily drop off a rack card or flyer with a smile to let them know who you are. Then follow up with a phone call, because they might just still have the flyer on their desk!


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